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following back until i find a tumblr girlfriend ♥


following back until i find a tumblr girlfriend ♥

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Part of the scenery

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Yellow eyed feline

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Morning Dew

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Spring’s Here!

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It’ll soon be here!

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French photographer Florent Courty is 19. He started teaching himself photography 4 years ago. This is where he’s at:
Mountain Majesty by *FlorentCourtySheep and Volcanoes by *FlorentCourtyShadows and Flames by *FlorentCourty
Apotheosis by *FlorentCourty

Massive Mood by *FlorentCourty     Flowers and Volcanoes by *FlorentCourty

Insane Moment by *FlorentCourty
Golden Painting by *FlorentCourty

Lordly Oak by *FlorentCourty     Caught by an Ent by *FlorentCourty

Mystery Keepers by *FlorentCourty
Epic Storm from the Ruins by *FlorentCourty
Golden Dream by *FlorentCourty
Beginning of the Cold Season by *FlorentCourtyFiery Momentum by *FlorentCourty
Fantasy Realm by *FlorentCourtyWilderness' Magic by *FlorentCourty
La Magie d'Ayguebonne by *FlorentCourty

Forest Realm by *FlorentCourty     Remains from the Past by *FlorentCourty

Everlasting Autumn by *FlorentCourty
Just in Time by *FlorentCourty
Spring Celebration by *FlorentCourty

Autumn Rain by *FlorentCourty      Along a Forgotten Way by *FlorentCourty
Divine Sight by *FlorentCourty     Color Raise by *FlorentCourty

Radiant by *FlorentCourtyFrozen Forest by *FlorentCourty
Morning Fire by *FlorentCourty
Steam Forest by *FlorentCourty
Creeping Mist by *FlorentCourty

Nature's Eternal Glory by *FlorentCourty      Snake of the Land by *FlorentCourty
Precious Mornings by *FlorentCourtyOtherworldly Feeling by *FlorentCourty

“I’m here to show you what the world looks like outside the every day life.
Open your eyes, just enjoy the magic of Nature.”

—Florent Courty

Rolling Hills by *FlorentCourty
Winter's Demise by *FlorentCourty
2011 08 18 Lightning strikes by *FlorentCourty
Last minute of Sun by *FlorentCourty
Post-sunset Rays by *FlorentCourty
Higher Fields... by *FlorentCourty
Feature by $danlev

What stunning & beautifull photographs!

What is this feeling I’m getting…?
Oh that’s right… crippling jealousy…

In all seriousness, his photos are exquisite & I aspire to be this skillful one day.

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Morning Nectar

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Rhino Hornbill